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Personal Growth

Spread Your Wings and Soar

You are on the 9th hole ready to tee off. You grab your driver and approach the ball preparing to swing. You take a deep breath, look at the ball, and then. . . it happens! Your mind starts to go wild. You wonder if you have the correct grip, the proper stance and the…

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Your Unique”ness”

What Is Your “Ness”? Have you seen the movie “You Me and Dupree”? It is a crazy story of a friend—Dupree–who comes to live with his recently married buddy Carl and his wife. Dupree has a way of creating chaos everywhere he goes. The story takes all kinds of fun and crazy turns. Ultimately the…

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Go Small In 2019

With the start of each year, we have lofty visions of what we want to accomplish. Statistics show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. We are still in January, so there is still time to rescue our resolutions! How can you keep your resolutions going? The answer is “Go Small”. Here is…

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