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Most of the problems we see in frontline employees can be traced back to poor leadership. Whether it’s leading by bad example or just an insecure management style, new or inexperienced managers can negatively impact several parts of your business operations.  Empowering leaders to develop their soft skills, to better interact with their teams, is the best way to ensure they understand their role in the big picture of the company


Companies that don’t empower employees to take ownership in their work end up creating fertile ground for negative behaviors. Bad workplace habits like making excuses, shifting blame, and fostering bad attitudes can usually be traced back to employees having no sense of accomplishment. When you incorporate accountability in the workplace and create a space for employees to take initiative, it makes it easy for people to create and maintain good workplace habits.


Lack of engagement is epidemic in today’s workplace. Over 80% of employees say they feel disengaged. Disengagement leads to low morale, reduced commitment, shallow interpersonal connections, and poor performance.  Developing strategies to combat disengagement boosts morale and ensures  employees will work together better as a team.

Lead Without Regret--Learn How

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Revitalize your Company

Keynote Address

Whether you’re looking to kick off a new corporate initiative or just want to reinvigorate your employees, a keynote address from Doug is designed to have a positive impact at every level of your organization. Doug uses his signature style of blending authentic, personal stories with lighthearted laughter to challenge old perceptions and encourage new ways of thinking.

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Energize your Team

Corporate Trainings

A high-functioning team is one of the most powerful forces within an organization, but it’s also one of the most difficult to create and maintain. Doug’s corporate workshops can help foster a sense of belonging and teamwork throughout your organization. Participants learn how to promote positive and healthy engagements at every level. When leaders know how to treat their teams well, those teams will treat your customers well.  Each of Doug’s training is unique and fully customized to unlock your team’s ability to solve problems quickly, focus on the same target, speak a common language, and execute in unison.

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Align your Personal Effort

Personal Coaching

Doug’s one-on-one advising is for individuals who feel like they’re not getting the most out of their efforts. His experience as a professional therapist means he can easily identify the stumbling blocks and negative self-talk that keep us from reaching our truest potential.  So whether you’re looking to improve your own professional outlook (or you’ve got a problematic manager that’s causing bottlenecks) Doug’s personal coaching can equip you with tools to increase your performance, work in a clearly defined direction, and have greater fulfillment in your work and relationships.

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"I would recommend Doug as a speaker to any organization that is forward thinking, wants to engage in learning and is open to new ideas." --Shelli Bardsley, Chief Administrative Officer/Executive Vice President

"Doug, you bring an energy to our programs that is unmatched by any other speaker we have used." --Leigh Harper, Director of Training and Leadership Development

"Your ability to question and determine our needs added to the brilliantly customized experience we had!  Your performance was unique, touching and motivating. At times, our group was laughing hysterically." --Jade Sarver, Instructional Designer

"Our Summer Safety Reunion would not have been the same without your inspiration, professionalism, and high level of energy. Your presentation made an impact on our employees and contributed to making this the most successful Safety Reunion since we began." --Robin Seele, Director-Safety, Training and Loss Control

"Your presentation was inspiring, energetic, and captivating, with our audience fully engaged, listening intently to your instruction. I have made exceptional references and referrals to others on your behalf." -- Kelly Amann, Medical Director

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