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Break Routine Or It Will Break You

By Doug Nielsen | Nov 24, 2020

In what area of your life is routine keeping you from growing? Watch how shaking things up a bit can propel you forward instead of keeping you stuck.

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Conflict Made Easy

By Doug Nielsen | Sep 30, 2020

Conflict is a part of life and we want to avoid it, right? It is messy and uncomfortable. In this video, I uncover three simple steps that make dealing with conflict easy. Check it out. Give the steps a try. Let me know how it works for you.

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Quickly Overcome Fear and Anxiety

By Doug Nielsen | Aug 20, 2020

Do fear and anxiety ever freeze you in your tracks? Let the “What If 180” get you in motion again!

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24 Hour Rule Will Change Your Relationships

By Doug Nielsen | Jul 27, 2020

The next 24 Hours could save your relationships. I wrote a scathing text back to a good friend of mine and was ready to push send.  You see, we were meeting for lunch and I had moved two meetings and a coaching client to meet with him.  Five minutes before our lunch meeting, I got…

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Find Your Smile

By Doug Nielsen | Jul 14, 2020

Take a few minutes today to see the world as you did as a child. See the world with wonder and curiosity and you will experience a renewed sense of joy. See how in this video.

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How To Make Better Decisions

By Doug Nielsen | Jul 10, 2020

3 Steps to Confident Decisions “If you choose not to decide you have already made a choice.”–Rush Do you want to feel more confidence in the decisions you make? Do you want to speed up your decision making process? Do you want to trust your judgement more?  I will show you a new way to…

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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Claim Peace

By Doug Nielsen | Jul 10, 2020

What is the one activity you can do today that will make or break your day? The Roman archway is a fascinating architecture feat. At the crown of the archway is what is called the “keystone.” It is a wedge shaped stone that holds the rest of the archway in place.  Without it, the entire…

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You Could Be Sabotaging Yourself and Not Know It

By Doug Nielsen | Jun 30, 2020

Your thoughts are powerful. Do you believe that your thoughts actually become your reality? Whether you do or don’t, you need to read this.  I will show you how your thoughts become results! Often we go into auto pilot mode where we are unaware of our thoughts or feelings and the outcomes they are creating…

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The Magic of Two Simple Questions

By Doug Nielsen | Jun 27, 2020

Imagine that asking two simple questions could help you grow your culture, enjoy your job more, and see better results. Big results for such a small investment, right?

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Your Goals Could Be Hurting You

By Doug Nielsen | Jun 22, 2020

Do you ever feel exhausted reaching your goals? Learn how your goals might actually be hurting you and how to flip them so they actually help you feel energized and fulfilled.

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