Your Unique”ness”

What Is Your “Ness”?

Have you seen the movie “You Me and Dupree”?

It is a crazy story of a friend—Dupree–who comes to live with his recently married buddy Carl and his wife. Dupree has a way of creating chaos everywhere he goes. The story takes all kinds of fun and crazy turns.

Ultimately the newlyweds are separated and on the verge of divorce when Dupree feels compelled to help save Carl’s marriage. In a conversation with Carl, Dupree challenges Carl to use his Carl”ness”—to tap into his strength and unleash his unique”ness” to fight for what he wants–his marriage! After all, isn’t that what drew his wife to marry him in the first place?

What is your unique”ness”? That “ness” exists within all of us. However, often we hide it or lose sight of it.

One day when I was walking into Walmart, I was met by a greeter who was dancing, singing, and wearing a huge smile. WOW! Her enthusiasm was contagious. To the tune of La Bamba she sang, “Wa Wa Wa. . . Welcome to Walmart. . ., We are glad you are here…Wa Wa Wa. . . Welcome to Walmart. . .” It was awesome! She tapped into her “ness” and she was not afraid to use it! Her “ness” was putting smiles on customers’ faces and endearing them to Walmart through her smile, song, and dance.

I am always moved when I see a person using their “ness” to make the world a better place.

What is your “ness?” If you were to ask a friend, a co-worker, and a family member how would they describe your “ness”? How would you describe your “ness”?

Unleash Your Unique”ness”

1. First, identify your “ness.” It is something that is unique to you and will take courage to implement. However, putting it in action will invigorate you!

2. Next, make a goal to let your unique”ness” shine daily. Don’t allow fear to hold you captive!

When you unleash your “ness” –your unique brand and signature to your life, you will add something to the world that only you can.

I’d love to here what your “ness” is and how you are using it to contribute to others.


  1. Isabel on April 8, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    No matter how I’m feeling I always greet members with a smile, it important to me to make them feel welcome. That’s my ness

  2. Doug Nielsen on May 4, 2019 at 12:41 am

    Isabel, that’s a “sweet-ness” to make that a habit! Thanks 🙂

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