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Three keynotes to choose from

In each presentation, Doug brings his perspective as a practicing psychotherapist and a successful
business owner to address the unique challenges within your organization.


"Leadership Is An Inside Job: Lead Yourself To Lead Others"

There’s a reason why airlines instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask before you try to help others. If you’re not charting your own path to success, how can you help others to achieve that goal? As a leader, your team’s success begins with you. Leaders who lead from the front are able to consistently:

  • Connect to their core purpose and values.
  • Instill those values in their teams.
  • Identify how and when they need to renew themselves.
  • Demonstrate their value by solving vital problems, creating key opportunities, and growing their people.

In this engaging keynote, Doug showcases the importance of intrinsic leadership and demonstrates how those same principles that leaders use to adhere to their own core beliefs can be applied to the rest of their teams throughout an organization.


It’s All About You: How Taking 100% Ownership Changes Everything.

This is the story of how changing one thing changes everything. Too often we get caught up in “reactionary mode.” We spend our entire day reacting to people and circumstances. How often are we exhausted after a long day at work but still feel like we didn’t get anything accomplished?

In this presentation, Doug outlines the process for taking 100% ownership, both personally and in the workplace.  Doug shows how you can regain your sense of adventure, creativity and meaning. You will acquire the tools to create the Ownership Advantage (own your situations, own your solutions, own your success).


The Unstoppable Team: Elevate Your People, Elevate Your Results

Whatever business you are in, you are in the people business. A company’s workforce can either be the biggest problem or the greatest asset an organization has. When you elevate your employees, instilling in them the vision, the soft skills, and the freedom to take initiative, you create an environment where quality, productivity and customer service can increase exponentially.

In this perfect blend of humor and sentiment, Doug shares his best tips and best-practices for unlocking your team’s potential. You’ll learn how to create a team that can solve problems quickly, focus on the same target, speak a common language, and execute in unison.

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"Of all the speakers we have ever had, Doug is the benchmark. No one else has quite measured up to Doug. That is why we are inviting him back."

Winona Nava, CEO

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