Big Message,
Personal Connections

Three Dynamic Choices

Blow your audience away.

In each presentation, Doug brings his perspective as a practicing psychotherapist and a successful
business owner to help you get unstuck from the place you are in.

"Core-rageous Leadership:
Be The Leader Others
Love To Follow"

When you are not leading from your core, leadership is a prison sentence. Get clear about what brings you to life as a leader and live from that place "core-rageously." Imagine the results you'll create when you help your team do the same.


"Get Unstuck:
Become What Is Possible"

If a leader is stuck, everybody gets stuck. You can be stuck and not even know it. Break free from the one thing that is really holding you back so you can become what is possible. Experience yourself at your very best and develop a team that is alive, creating, and growing.

"Take Life By The Helm:
Be The Hero Of Your Life"

Do you feel like you are really in control of your life or have mind pirates hijacked your ship? Master the three keys to being the hero in your life's story instead of letting circumstances and other people steer your life. Become liberated so that you have energy to live with magnified purpose and meaning.

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Why It's Important To Find Your Purpose In Life

What Is Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals

How To Reach Your Full Potential As
A Leader

Why It Is Important To Have A
Growth Mindset

How To Accomplish More In The Fraction Of
The Time

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"Of all the speakers we have ever had, Doug is the benchmark. No one else has quite measured up to Doug. That is why we are inviting him back."

Winona Nava, CEO

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