Rubber, Meet Road

Guidance that works (from someone who's been there)

Every team gets stuck in problems. See beyond the problem to what is possible and create opportunities from obstacles. Every team needs a coach to help them become the team they are capable of being.


With team coaching you will work directly with Doug to:

  • Know exactly where you are at.
  • Identify where you want to go and the results you want to create.
  • Close the cap between the two.
  • Get to the root of what is really holding you back. It's not what you think!

Doug's proven process to help you close the gap includes:

  • Assess where your roadblocks are;
  • Participate in individual and group coaching to:
    • Get to the root of what is really holding you back. It's not what you think!
    • Develop individual and group performance improvement projects to create breakthrough.
  • Collaborate with Doug to create customized work sessions to internalize the tools, skills, and mindset your team needs to move forward;
  • Assess improvement and results;
  • Create a plan for continual forward progress; and
  • Learn to coach your own people so that you can replicate the process on your own.

With Doug you get two experts for the price of one.

A practicing coach and psychotherapist

As a mental health professional, Doug has built a successful practice by helping people recognize where they are stuck and learn how to break free. Doug knows how to engage and motivate people, no matter their situation. It's not heady academic theory, it's creating real change in people.

A successful business owner

While a lot of speakers take their cues from industry trends or "thought leaders" Doug's experience comes from real-life. He's started a business from scratch and grown it leaps and bounds. He's seen first-hand what happens when leadership and employees are not on the same page, and knows how to motivate both groups to make lasting change.

What people are saying

Your training techniques were engaging and entertaining and were presented in such a way as to encourage me to participate. You walked your talk and taught by example. I walked away from each session with a renewed enthusiasm for my work and my role as a leader. Above all, you reminded me to have faith in the power of the human spirit and to continuously strive to connect with others on that level.

Deann O'Toole-Account Executive, MarketStar Corporation


As an HR Leader, Doug and I worked closely together on developing leaders within multiple organizations to transform our culture towards job ownership and accountability. I hired Doug multiple times because of his effectiveness in diagnosing the needs on an organization, assessing leadership skills and tailoring his approach that consistently delivers the best results. Doug is an expert in addressing core needs rather than one size fits all.

Scot Reid



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